Veneers, Laminates and Crowns

National Reference in Veneers, Laminates and Crowns, ODONTOLIUZZI seeks with this treatment the elevation of their self-esteem, solving problems like stains, crooked teeth or very separated that can leave your smile without harmony. With us, the actions to improve your smile are based on a digital planning, where the specialist studies the parameters of size, type and shape of the face to adapt the best smile.
These are safe, pain-free and quick-acting treatment, bringing back your willingness to smile.
The treatment in general takes 2-3 consultations for the finalization: Previous of the work in the mouth, molding, and final cementing. It is possible to make a preview with temporary material so that the patient can analyze the final result without any dental wear, this brings safety and predictability, in addition the treatment is totally reversible, that is, you can remove and have your teeth again intact. Regarding the durability of the treatment, we can affirm that if well accompanied by the professional and the patient will never have the need of exchange.

Contact lens x facet:

Patient doubts revolve around which one to use. In fact the two are the same, only differ in thickness, where the facet is thicker than the laminate, a fact that does not interfere in anything in the resistance, since both after the cementation quietly resist the masticatory forces. What you will define if you use one or the other is the position or color of the much altered tooth, defined by the dentist and previously discussed with the patient.

Do with those who know and come to transform your smile.

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“There are no obstacles when you feel like it.”

I always had a hard time attending a dental clinic. For the first time, I can assure you, I sit down in a “dentist” chair with total confidence in the treatment (for me always painful!) For which I submit myself today. It starts with the feeling of being welcomed by the professional – which makes all the difference in knowing him and knowing that he is – literally – in good hands! And this begins with reception, whose attendant lives up to that function – that is, receptive at any time when I need it. Congratulations to the Odontoliuzzi Clinic and its professionals who carry out a work of exceptional quality and admirable!

Márvio Amaral