Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

From simple procedures like extraction of wisdom and orthognathic surgery, ODONTOLIUZZI works with the highest technology and the highest quality materials in the market so you can have the surgical procedures painless and safely.

Fear of Wisdom Extraction

This tooth corresponds to 3 molar, and is generally born at 18 years. As we are constantly evolving, there are already people who do not simply possess the fact that they will be extinct from human evolution in the coming years. But those who were not so lucky should remain alert, because when trying to be born, usually in an unfavorable position can cause serious infections, severe pain, and difficulties to open the mouth (trismus) in addition to developing periodontal and canal problems its neighbors.

We recommend to go through a clinical and radiographic consultation so that the professional guides the cases for extraction before the problem sets in and evolves. Preventing is always better than cure.
For trauma patients, we work with sedation, where the patient will have comfort and absence of pain in every procedure, besides the administration of medications that can be removed in a single surgery, with a quiet postoperative period

Very important will be the post surgical follow-up offered to the patient, because for us trust and credibility are the most important pillars when choosing YOUR DENTIST.

The trust that made me feel for them was so much that from the first care until hj it was only a 20 days and yesterday I did 4 extractions of wisdom and 2 restorations (not only 1). Neither do I believe it, let alone the rest of my family! The extractions I postponed for more than 15 years. I only have to thank the impeccable work of Lisiane, who received me with such affection; of Dr. Natália, who took care of the procedures and for whom I already have an endless admiration; and Dr. David, who managed to calm me down and made it so traumatic on a simple Wednesday afternoon. Thank you for existing. ❤
Rafael Santana (Veja mais depoimentos)