A specialty that cares for the canal system and treats lesions on the nerve and root of the tooth. Darkened teeth may be due to traumas or canals made long ago. We perform in a single session with rotating and digital instruments that allow us to treat faster, more precise and less exhausting for the patient besides clearing the tooth painlessly. Treatment is important because it prevents tooth extraction in addition to preventing more serious infections.

Symptoms that signal the need for channel treatment:

  • Pain when ingesting liquids and / or hot and cold foods
  • Pulsating, and persistent pain;
  • Fistula (similar to a spine in the gingiva) in the region of the affected tooth, with or without pain;

Some cases, have no symptoms, and should be diagnosed during the evaluation by the updated rx professional. They appear as dark, circular images in the region of the root of the tooth, and if untreated they evolve into a more serious infection. Odontoliuzzi has sedation and painless anesthesia for trauma patients and odontophobics.

Eternal thanks to all the staff who have always welcomed me. You know that place you come in and you do not feel like leaving? Tasty coffee, comfort, friendliness, welcome and the best: I did not feel pain in the anesthesia. I can say that I learned to love taking care of my teeth after I met the odontoliuzzi. I had a toothache and had to make my first canal … I was tense but the calmness and sympathy of Dra Natalia made me believe that we can sleep on the canal without PAIN !!! Super top !!!
Clarissa Pedroso