Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is a possibility to make dental treatment for those who live abroad quickly and with high quality. Brazil is very known for its quality in dental services. Our treatments are known by an aesthetic refinement considered as a reference worldwide. Also, the value of dental treatments abroad can be four times more expensive than in Brazil, so the Dental Tourism service have been increasing in our country. People start to notice that we have a quality dental service in our country with affordable prices. Brazil is increasingly recognized worldwide in dental areas, counting on qualified professionals and high technology in care. Also must be considered that an investment in health and aesthetics with an attractive tourist trip is much better.

For professional or leisure reasons, foreigners of the most diverse nationalities choose Brazil to make their dental treatments. In Europe, the values ??of dental procedures are much higher and often do not contemplate the aesthetic finish, reason why many Europeans seek the service of Dental Tourism here in Brazil. This also happens with patients coming from North America, Asia and Africa. We also know that Brazilians who live outside Brazil will not give up returning to their country to perform dental treatments.

Our clinic still works with the CAD / CAM system, where we scan the patient’s mouth in 3D, plan the treatment and prepare the crowns, porcelain facets, venners or dental contact lenses in an hour. Immediate loading implants, tooth whitening and face harmonization are still some of our services that the patient can enjoy in their sight
to our clinic, reconciling with a wonderful tour through Rio de Janeiro and Brazil as a whole.